A Bright Idea for Your Bottom Line

Across the nation, US Solar makes it easy to minimize the hassle and maximize the benefits of solar.

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No upfront cost. No equipment on your property.

Right now, you have limited control over your electricity costs, and much of your money is spent on importing and burning fossil fuels. A Sunscription is the simple solution to take control and save on electricity bills while supporting clean, local energy.

Make an Impact on Your Community

Boost the local economy with good-paying jobs and an increased tax base. Plus, Solar Gardens make us more energy independent.

Pollinator-friendly habitat

Our Solar Gardens are planted with native grasses and pollinator-friendly habitat.
This vegetation enhances the water, soil, and air quality by reducing runoff.

Wide-Spread Benefits of Solar

Why import and burn fossil fuels when you can generate clean electricity locally? Solar does not emit air pollution or require water to operate.

Control Costs

Based on your state's program, we offer competitive options and flexability.

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We develop industry-leading solar gardens and energy storage projects across the country.