Why Batteries & Storage

Enhance your network and reduce costs with flexible solutions for utilities, businesses, and communities.

Distributed energy storage systems offer utilities, businesses, and communities more flexible, resilient, and reliable energy services.

Reducing the impact of CO2 emissions on our planet depends on our collective effort to use a greater proportion of renewable energy. In the advent of electric vehicles and with the rapidly increasing use of electricity powered devices, all parties involved in the production, distribution and consumption of energy have the opportunity to change the game.

Flexible . Resilient. Reliable.

We collaborate with forward-looking organizations focused on enhancing their generation portfolios with small and large-scale storage options. Built in tandem with or without our solar systems, energy storage offers flexibility and reliability to any generation portfolio.

Energy storage systems allow connected solar panels to use a greater proportion of locally produced renewable energy to power homes, buildings, and day-to-day business operations or charge electric vehicles. It is revolutionizing the energy sector around the world. US Solar is here to help you understand and realize its value.

We're building projects across the country utilizing technologies to help with the following:

  • Peak Demand Reduction
  • Energy Shifting
  • Supply Firming
  • Capacity Contribution
  • Demand Response
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Our mission is to make solar energy accessible with simple solutions that are as good for the wallet as they are for the environment.